Straight or on the rocks?


Casual conversations with the legal world's brightest over copious amounts of fine whiskey. It's either going to arrive at the station on time or go off the rails entirely.

About Bourbon of Proof

Carl Douglas

We broke open the tequila for the legendary Carl Douglas, a powerhouse attorney from the O.J. Simpson "Dream Team" and a champion for civil rights and justice.

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Maryann Gallagher

Trial Lawyer of the Year winner known for being one of the best employment lawyers in the country, talks about the struggles in a male dominated industry, juggling being a mom, and the future of law. Get ready for a heartfelt conversation about resilience, motherhood, and the importance of believing in yourself.

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Ryan Stygar

Where there's smoky bourbon, there's an ex-firefighter! Ryan shares his journey from fighting fires to advocating for workers' rights. Don't miss his reflections on team dynamics, Roman history, conspiracy theories, and Taylor Swift's influence on the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Alexander Shunnarah

This week, we sit down with Alexander Shunnarah, founder, president, and CEO of Alexander Shunnarah Injury Lawyers. Discover how he skyrocketed his solo practice into a multi-state empire, famously known for its eye-catching billboards.

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Christa Ramey

Christa Ramey, founder of Ramey Law P.C., opens up about her journey to becoming a staunch advocate for justice. Sparked by a personal tragedy, Christa shares how the murder of her aunt propelled her into law to effect change and fight for those affected by bullying, abuse, sexual assault, and trafficking.

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