Straight or on the rocks?


Casual conversations with the legal world's brightest over copious amounts of fine whiskey. It's either going to arrive at the station on time or go off the rails entirely.

About Bourbon of Proof

Tom Kherkher

Get ready for a social media masterclass of Bourbon of Proof as we sit down with Tom Kherkher, also known as "Attorney Tom," the powerhouse behind The Kherkher Law Firm's viral success.

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Cristina Perez

What’s it like being one of the youngest lawyers admitted into the members only product liability group? Who also happens to be a woman? Join us for session with trial lawyer Cristina Perez.

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Steve Vartazarian

In this episode, we banter with high-end sushi restaurant owner and Trial Lawyer of the Year, Steve Vartazarian. He shares his secret sauce, and details his early struggles and meticulous path to being one of the most decorated lawyers in the country. We also talk pig roasts and actually drink whiskey out of a pig’s butt!

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Sara Williams

Sara Williams recounts her journey into law and her experiences as a first-generation lawyer. With a passion for reading that initially steered her away from teaching and into the halls of law school, Sara discusses her early days working for State Farm as an insurance defense lawyer.

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Gary and Nava Dordick

Step into the world of legal legends on an unforgettable episode of Bourbon of Proof! Bob Simon and Mauro Fiore sit down with the iconic Gary and Nava Dordick, where they explore instilling strong family values and a commitment to diversity amidst the pressures of high-stakes environments.

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